Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all about Family

I know folks get curious when one goes for lengthy periods without updating the blog.  Since I have so few followers maybe there isn't curiosity, but this blog is also my way of keeping track, journaling this year.  So yes, plenty has been going on... and not much beading!  My parents winter in Yuma, AZ and this year, Dad got sick.   I've been down there twice in four weeks.  Dad was hospitalized 3 times and spent the last 6 weeks either in the hospital or a nursing home.  He's 87!  He's not too perky these days but my family just wanted to get him home, to Washington.  And the doctor wouldn't let him fly.  I asked if we could drive him home (they flew down and had been renting a car)... dr said he could go home by car... my brother, Dave flew to Yuma from Texas, I flew home to Portland yesterday (had one day with my big brother) and Dave took off with both parents yesterday heading "home".  Whew!  They should be home any time.  It's a 21 hour drive.  They are doing it in two days.  That's a lot.  My parents still live in our childhood home.  Life is changing.  Here are some dear pics:
Dad and me in Yuma, April 15th

Dave and Mom

Dad, just getting back to home in Yuma... sitting in the sun on the deck!

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