Friday, September 30, 2011

Scary Pay Pal Moment

I planned to blog about cleaning my beading studio today, but after paying bills... AAACK...  I discovered my paypal account had been hacked.  That got my juices going.  When I logged onto paypal to look at my history, I was instructed to input my credit card information because they were doing routine updates and my account was selected for an update.  That made me nervous because then I thought someone else (besides paypal) was trying to get my information.  And I couldn't go to my history until I input my info.  I finally figured that since I logged on to paypal and I didn't connect through an email, I was probably safe.  So I took a deep breath and entered by card number then I immediately went to history and discovered that someone bought $500 worth of stuff on my account and had it sent to addresses in Chicago and New York.  I then got a phone number for paypal and talked to a really nice customer service rep, Nathan and he told me they'd already put a stop on my account... which I thought was pretty cool.  Now, passwords are changed, information is updated, hold on my account is removed and I'm good to go.  My advice to others:  Check your paypal account regularly.  I don't usually log on to mine unless I'm making a purchase (which is usually either beads or books).  I wouldn't have discovered this if I hadn't noticed a transaction through my online banking process.  I'm still shaking from this!  I've never been hacked before.  Now for some lunch ( or snack, I really NEED chocolate, now) then on to cleaning up my PIT of a studio.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Front Landing Decor

This morning we brought the Adirondack chairs around to the front landing.  I think the whole thing is beeeee-autiful!  I love the brick red paint on the chairs.  I think the mahogany deck looks classy!  There isn't anything like this in our neighborhood.  I spent a few minutes sitting out there today and it's actually quite private... but not too private.  The whole idea of this is to be out there... in our  front yard, in the neighborhood.  We're trying to somehow trump the three car garage mentality by being in the front of our house.  We'll see.  It's getting pretty late in the year and the rain is supposed to return on Sunday.  In the mean time, I'm a front porch person.  Let me know what you think!

Our lovely new sitting place.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finished Front Landing

I'd say this was well worth the wait!  We had to get all the paper work with the HOA finished so that our friend and contractor, Joel could build us this incredible front landing.  It's mahogany, stained by us!  Joel added the very cool fish ladder detail.  We're still having a few nice evenings in pdx so this will get some use!  It's a good place to bead!  Also, in our three car garage neighborhood, where everyone drives into the garage and heads for backyards, we've got a show piece in the front yard and a place to connect with the neighbors who walk by.  Nice place for a little glass of vino and a neighborly chat.  That's our hope, anyway.

We'll add soft plants below and put our Adirondack chairs on the landing.

Fish detail... love it!


I carved out the time to bead a tri-wing ring last night.  Not totally sold on my color choices: turquoise, gold, brick red and my favs, bronze.  I added a picot edge for a bit of flash.  This ring is surprisingly comfortable and I'll be rocking it today.  I love the way it stitched up... genius design by Kate and Dustin, through the inspiration of their friend, Jean.   Good stuff!
These aren't the best pictures... still learning the new camera and the macro settings... but you get the drift.

I like how the picot edge creates a zigzag, adding the triangle goodness.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shrinky Dinks

Remember shrinky dinks?  I don't think I created anything with them as a kid but I got some for "Doodle" (granddaughter) last week.  They come as blank sheets of plastic so we found pictures to color for her bracelet.  She likes a show called Dinosaur Train and I was able to find some clip art from the show online.  I traced the pictures for her and Doodle colored them... well, I colored a few... it's so fun to color with your granddaughter.  Then we popped them in the oven and we got these nifty little charms.  A few jump rings and a clasp and there you have it.  I think the little charm bracelet turned out so cute.  What fun to have a little one so interested in creating new things.  Genes... gotta love 'em!
Observing the process... they are really curling up!

Finished product!

Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Best Friend

I just received the "Tri-Wing Kit" from (my new best friend) Kate.  She creates the coolest 3D triangle rings and bracelets and she is putting final touches on a book: Geometrics.  I discovered her blog and became intrigued with her work and her passion for the beads.  I'm so into triangles and spirals right now, too!  Last Friday, Kate sent out an email with instructions for the rings.  I was so excited that I made this ring in a few hours on Friday night (see orange ring below next to dinosaur).  As I stitched, the click of the beads, the shape of the work was so zen-peaceful.
Today I got the whole kit which included very cool beads that Kate personally selected.  Kate wrapped everything in newspaper and she sent along a dinosaur cut out that looks at home (not!) in the mountain scenery.  I'm so bummed that I have a work meeting tonight so likely won't get much beading time in.  But I have some really cool tri time coming soon!
Thanks, Kate... can't wait to get started.

Tri-Wing Kit: beads, dvd, instructions, dinosaur, smarties and the ring

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ta Da

I've been talking up this wavy triangle for so long... well guess what?  I finally finished last night.  I love the colors but I don't quite know what I'll do with this piece.  It looks cool and feels cool, too.  The toughest part of the whole thing was zipping the three sides together to create the 3d triangle.  I'll probably make a few more of these because they are fun to make and a bit of a challenge.  I like the spinning, spirally look.  So here ya go!

Wavy Triangle created Sept. 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dolphin with Smiling Gorilla

We're back from Lake Tahoe and we had an incredible time.  Jim had a canoe, so we took in the water sites on Friday.  We drove around the Lake on Saturday and noticed "Donner Pass" had a prominent presence in Truckee.  Did you know there was a Chief Truckee?  Anyway, we didn't order food in Truckee... no reason, I'm just sayin'.  There are so many hiking trails and places to see.  We'll have to visit again.  Both Peter and I feel refreshed following our time in nature.
I took some pictures along the hikes.  This one was taken along a trail at Bliss State Park in Emerald Bay.
Can you see the dolphin and the smiling gorilla?  Pretty cool, huh?
See the dolphin under the gorilla's chin?  Cute!

For the record, I did some beading and bought some beads at Bead Etc. in Lake Tahoe.  I finished both sides of the wavy triangle, but still have to sew the pieces together.  More on that later!  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drive around Lake Tahoe

We drove around the lake today. In Truckee there is actually a road called "Donner Pass Road" and lots of Donner-named things. We didn't eat there, too weird. We hiked at Emerald Bay... So beautiful. What a wonderful weekend. Lots of fun hanging out with friend/relative Jim. He knows all the fun places to visit. We took lots of pics but I'll have to download them on my computer before I can get them onto the blog. It's easy to blog on the iPad but still working on best/easiest way to get pics posted.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Wonderful day canoeing on Lake Tahoe... This lake is so blue and so clear. Family friend, Jim is showing us around and taking us to all the hot spots. So nice to just chil-lax!!! Awe...