Tuesday, November 13, 2012

While He Was Out!!

Peter and I spent an extended weekend in Texas where my nephew was married.  While we were gone, I had my designer friend re-do his man room, formerly known as number three kid's room.  I've had lots of ideas and have wanted to do a makeover so he'd have his own space for a long time... like 4 years!  I just could not get it going.  Well, you get a designer type involved and the ideas flow all over the place.  He loves his motorcycles (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki) and his books.  I thought he'd like a place to read and contemplate rides.  Everything was done while we were in Texas and he was soooooo surprised when he saw it for the first time yesterday.  Notice his keys are still in his hand!  This was fun, partly because he's a bit critical of the OMG moments on HGTV.  So this is Peter's OMG moment (which was really a "Holy Crap" moment).
Holy Crap!!!

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