Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome Back

New Year, New Commitment.  If I'm going to be a blogger I need to write!  Okay, I was busy, a couple of kids got married and one had a baby, but hey, everyone's busy.  No excuses!  I did create some very cool things while I was out of contact with the blogosphere.  I don't have the greatest pictures, but I made six bridesmaid necklaces for one of our weddings.
Here's a progression:
These are the beads.

This is how I separated them.

And this is how they turned out.  Super cute and the girls loved them!  Thought they were from Nordstrom!

We also did a remodel on our home, I'll share pictures at a later date.  Right now I'm getting myself fired up and starting a new Contemporary Geometric Beadwork necklace http://beadmobile.wordpress.com  I appreciate good design and lovely instructions.  Kate McKinnon and her minions administer both in large doses.  My studio/bead room is a disaster so last night I just picked up what I needed to start beading and headed downstairs to my favorite chair and lovely table and fabulous ott light and started beading.  I'll save the mess in the bead room for another day.  It will wait. 
There is a zen moment in beading when the rhythm of the beads clicking into place stabilizes your brain and somehow brings you peace.  I need to know there is an attainable peace available now.  Peace, friends!

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  1. I can see why the girls thought they were from Nordstrom. Good job.