Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Memories of the Lilac City

I grew up in Spokane.  Spokane is the Lilac City.  They have a Lilac Parade and a Jr. Lilac Parade.  I marched in the parade in junior high, joyfully trying to play my clarinet while marching.  The parade is probably in late May.  There is also a fabulous run called Bloomsday that I've run a couple of times (been there, done that, got the tee shirt).
The lilacs don't bloom until May in Spokane, but here in Portland, they are in full bloom NOW!  The smell takes me back home. Love it!  We planted this one the year my brother died, 2006.  I was surprised that it bloomed in the spring and again in late August, early September.  I thanked Doug for that gift of the twice blooming lilac.  Well I later found out this is a variety that blooms twice a year!  Who knew?  I still think of Doug and Spokane and what a gift growing up there was and is.

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