Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day

I took part of the day off and really needed to be creative.  I needed instant gratification, too.  I turned on Pandora, my Rufus Wainwright channel and then to Nora Jones... delightful!  Side note: Interesting to think about music choices while beading.  When I do complicated stuff, I tend to listen to Andre Bocelli.  Today was a day to be mellow.  So nice to have a late morning/early afternoon at home.  The weather is overcast and typical Portland.  The light in my studio is really good, though.  I use two Ott lamps and then there is natural, filtered light (it's Portland, always filtered light... bright sun is rare).  So here's what I made:
Are those AGE SPOTS on MY wrist?  Nay freckles, cute bracelets, that's all.
Here are four cute little bracelets.  Here are the links to the instructions: then   wrapped bracelet and the braided bead bracelet  All are super easy, instant gratification.  I got some PINK jeans and so for three of the four bracelets I used rosy pink Irish linen waxed cotton thread... gotta love.  Could spring be here soon?  The crocus' are up.  That's a good sign.  Here are all of the bracelets together.  Happy President's Day.  I wearing my pink jeans to a work meeting tonight:)

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