Monday, February 13, 2012


I think it's pretty cool to trade earrings for services or things that you crave.  I've sold some earrings, taught some classes, but today I made a TRADE.  My friend, Annie is teaching me chords on the piano in exchange for earrings.  She thinks she is getting a good deal.  Having taken piano lessons as a kid and as an adult it never clicked for me.  Annie happens to be a school teacher and she has a knack for getting her point across (sometimes).  She gave me a half hour lesson and I gotta say, something clicked.  I learned to read music as a kid... something I've know forever... I sing, I play some guitar and uke but tonight, I'm getting how to create a 7th or and a "sus" chord on the PIANO!!  Thanks Annie!  She also made excellent cheeseburgers for Peter and me.  I'm also learning this:
Circle of fifths
You are never too old to learn.  I've wanted to figure this out for YEARS.  Now I'm motivated and making some progress.

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