Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When Life Offers You Lemons

Look what arrived in the mail today!  Our good friends Larry and Linda moved to Arizona in 2010.  We miss them sooo much.  But the GOOD thing about living in Arizona?  These!!  They send us LEMONS fresh from the tree.
Lovely Lemons from L and L
Last year we made these:
For best results, sugar the rim... yum!

And these:

Hollowed out lemon half with candle
What to do this year?  Stay tuned.  I can't make the lemon drops tonight... but tomorrow there may be one or two in my future.  Last year someone asked me why I didn't make lemon meringue pie with them.  Really?  And waste them?  Besides I don't eat desert unless it's chocolate.

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  1. I would make limoncello: