Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

These are some of my favorite things.  Playing music with friends (doesn't happen as often as I'd like); bedside reading, includes extremely edgy theology, beady magazines (the novel in on my iPad); BEADS, duh!!; my Grandmother's china; and my Apple stuff.
Have you ever asked yourself what you'd grab if your house was on fire?  Me, too! I'm not considering people or  any living things... of course we would all make sure our loved ones were okay.  But I don't really think I'd grab any of this STUFF in a fire.  I used to say I'd grab pictures, but the really important ones are digitized, on a hard drive.  I keep an external hard drive in a safe place that's not in our house.  Sure I ENJOY this stuff.  I really LIKE this stuff.  But it's STUFF.  Relationships and loved ones are most important.  I would not want to experience are house fire or catastrophe, but I'm reasonably sure I wouldn't go after STUFF if something like that happened.  Hmmm, I think I might grab my purse because it's pretty hard to replace the driver's license and credit cards.  What, if anything would you grab?

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  1. Anytime you want to gather a few friends to play music, give me a call!