Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mt. Tabor Photo Expedition

A couple of weeks ago, Peter and I took a hike on Mt. Tabor.  The fog was just lifting and the views were fantastic.  I'm trying to do more with photography.  I'm still  learning the camera I got for Christmas in 2010!  I guess I'm a slow learner.  But you really have to force yourself to get off "auto" mode.  So here I am forcing myself off "auto".
There are so many times I find myself running on autopilot.  Maybe we humans spend most of our time on auto, doing pretty much the same things day in and day out.  We forget to notice our surroundings, hug our loved ones, cherish our memories.  I'm trying to get off of auto mode more these days. I want to take more chances and check more things off the bucket list.  Note to self:  make a bucket list:)

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