Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blown away!

I'm totally blown away that the bracelet I made (see previous posts) was posted by Kate on facebook today AND linked to another blog.  I LOVE the beading community.  You "meet" people that you'll probably never meet in real-life... but the support and the connections are pretty cool.  I discovered Christina's blog and low and behold my piece was featured earlier this week.  Christina is one of the team of folks I've been blogging about who was a part of the amazing book: Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.  The www is a connector that I'm appreciating today.
I'm also appreciating that today is Thursday which is my Friday AND we leftovers for dinner and a nice red wine.  Life's pretty good.  And I'm kind of giddy!


  1. and you are adorable, somehow until know I hadn't 'seen' you! Loved your bracelet and noticed it on Christines blog as well. Good job!

    1. Thanks, Marcia! Means a lot coming from you!