Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Fortune Teller, Chicken (taken with iPhone 5)

I sent this Fortune Teller bangle off for a little vacay in AZ, to be photographed by  Kate McKinnon (Contemporary Geometric Beadwork).  So much gratitude for the beading community and Kate's willingness to share the wealth of knowledge along the way.  I'm experimenting with some new shapes based on her ideas.  I'm just playing and allowing the beads to lead the way.  So far, so good.
We had a HUGE downpour in PDX today.  So much so, I felt that it would be beneficial to run from my office, out into the rain to turn my car around so it could get doused on both side.  A Portland car wash!  After the deluge, sun, beautiful sun.  Oh how I long to be in a sunny place... sandy beach, warm toes.  Maybe an umbrella in a DRINK not over my head.  So there ya go.  Another day in the life.  Gotta head back to work tonight... hopefully more beading later.

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