Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kinda Diggin This

Okay, I'm a bit obsessed with Photoshop Elements.  I just got home from and work and I'm going to do another free webinar. Here's something that I played around with... took out Peter's wrinkles, did a couple of effects.  I think it looks cool.  This just happens to be what's on my desktop right now.  Sorry for repeating (three-peating) our bike ride.  It was a fun day to remember!  At some time I'm hoping to create digital scrapbooks with these photos.  Not the ones you that are pre-formatted but something I create and have printed.  It's kind of graphic design for dummies:)
Portland has been gloriously mild... no rain, no wind... occasional smoke from fires a couple hundred miles away.  September is the absolute best time to be in PDX.
Peter and Makenna on our bike ride.

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