Monday, September 10, 2012

Learning Photoshop (Elements)

I've been trying to learn Photoshop Elements for a few YEARS!  I somehow get stuck or my interest wanes and I just don't keep up.  Last week I attended a free webinar on Photoship Elements 10 (I have 8, I think).  Well, I got fired up!  So tonight I'm attending another FREE webinar.  I'm not pitching out any money yet... I don't think I should buy PSE 10 until I KNOW I'll use it!  Although I do really like that I can get PSE 10 as an app on my iMac (or possibly find a cheaper way to upgrade).  I have so many pictures that I'm not doing much with.  I'm hoping for some inspiration tonight. I'd like to create some cool and inspirational digital scrap books... not just the ones with pictures and text, but something that'll jump off the page!  I so wish there was this kind of technology when I was a kid and could absorb information with less difficulty.  Here's to 60 years of life and learning!

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