Friday, September 7, 2012

Caldera Bangle

Sorry I haven't been keeping up on the blog... no excuses... summer, turning 60, whatever.  I'm back now.  I thought for two minutes about posting something amazing about being 60, entering a new decade and all that.  But I've been busy making some very cool beady pieces and I want to announce it far and near (mostly near) that I finally finished this piece:  "Caldera Bangle"

I know... pretty cool, huh?  The design is by Jean Power from a book about to be published by Jean and Kate McKinnon.  These women are amazingly talented, edgy and adventuresome souls.  This piece took me a while to bead.  Each beaded piece I create has a kind of internal timeline.  I can look at this and remember what was doing at the time.  I turned 60 on the red and blue triangle!  I watched both the RNC and the DNC while beading this.  I KNOW I had to rip out a BUNCH of beads during the Romney/Ryan show.  They just do not get the REAL LIVES of REAL people!  I finished this last night right before President Obama was introduced.  I wanted to give the man my full attention.  I'm so glad I put down the beads... I would've had a beady mess... what with the tears and all.  WOW!  So proud to be an American... I mean that in the best possible way.  
So the Caldera Bangle is finished!  I experimented with color, texture, light... very fun.  Some combinations of beads work better than others.  To be expected. 
I leave you with another pic of Caldera and I'll be blogging like crazy in the days to come!


  1. Wonderful- I love the colours!
    I completely understand what you mean about the memories attached to each sections.
    If you don't mind I would love to post a photo of this on the book's facebook page: