Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Maybe this post isn't what you expected.  I was hoping to have a twisty triangle to show off but I tried too hard to manipulate the beads and I broke the thread!  Fireline, no less.  For the uninitiated that's the stuff they catch big fish with... it's strong!  But, I guess, I'm stronger.  When I get it finished, I'll post it, promise.
In the mean time, Peter and I are getting our front lawn ready for a new landing!  I'm so excited to have a shady spot to sit during the summer.  Our back deck and most of our patio are full sun.  I've also thought that in a culture that worships the three car garage... where you don't have to EVER see a neighbor if you don't want to... in such a culture a front landing/porch would give us the opportunity to say hi to the walkers.  It's a nice social statement.
We both worked with shovels and picks to level the spot where the landing will go.  Peter worked harder than I did... he's bigger... and stronger.
Lookin' good!!!

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