Monday, August 29, 2011

Wear it, Wear it, Wear it...

This is one of my creations that gets worn A LOT!  I love this necklace.  The chain is recycled from my mom's really old stuff.  The chain is 25" long and the dangle is a full 5"... that makes a long, cool necklace.  It looks great with jeans and a cute top or all dressed up.  What bugged me about it was the resin Eiffel Tower pendant that I made a while back... it was one sided.  When the necklace turned with normal wear the blank side would inevitably show.  So tonight, I put the same image on the "back" side.  The resin poured perfectly and I cured it under a UV light and now I have a 2-sided pendant.
Okay, now back to work on the twisty triangle... hopefully I'll post a pic of the finished triangle tomorrow.  For now, here's the Eiffel Tower Necklace...

Eiffel Tower Necklace

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