Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weeding vs. Beading

The weeds are taking over our flower beds (see all the clover around the petunias below?).  Peter went out to mow the lawn and the guilt-driven me feels an obligation to at least make a tiny dent in the weeds.  But the beads, the beads, the beads.  They are soooo attractive and fun and challenging.  I'm trying to figure out this triangle piece.  The way the beads come together to form the waves is twisty-er than I expected.  I love the challenge of getting these tiny little things to create a shape and a form that is new to me.  It's like the architecture of a building... how a keystone can hold together the arch is really beyond what I could ever imagine.  Putting together beady sculptures and bringing the pieces together to create forms is pretty amazing... on a way smaller scale, but cool, none the less.
So the journey continues and today there's such a small question before me: to weed or not to weed?
Answer:  now that I've taken a break to write... I'm feeling the motivation to weed.

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