Saturday, August 27, 2011

Powell Butte Ride

Riding bikes on Powell Butte is a challenge.  Up hills, down hills... tiny little deer trails.  Found out I'm not much of a "mountain biker."  The narrow deer trails through the woods were kinda scary.  I rode with both brakes on and I was sliding all the over the place.  As I spend the year be-ing me, it seems appropriate to discover that I don't really do mountain biking.
Peter on the other hand likes all kinds of biking... especially motorcycle riding.  I spent the afternoon checking out new bikes with him.  Dude, get a NEW one... a BRAND NEW one!
On a "bead-y" note... I got my Beadwork magazine today and there are a couple of cool, challenging projects I'm already considering.  Also trying to master a very cool "wavy triangle" pattern.  Really difficult to put together.  I'll keep interested readers posted.  
That's all for now, I need be disciplined and get back to work!
Bikes needing a rest after a big hill... also needed to check the map.

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