Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dolphin with Smiling Gorilla

We're back from Lake Tahoe and we had an incredible time.  Jim had a canoe, so we took in the water sites on Friday.  We drove around the Lake on Saturday and noticed "Donner Pass" had a prominent presence in Truckee.  Did you know there was a Chief Truckee?  Anyway, we didn't order food in Truckee... no reason, I'm just sayin'.  There are so many hiking trails and places to see.  We'll have to visit again.  Both Peter and I feel refreshed following our time in nature.
I took some pictures along the hikes.  This one was taken along a trail at Bliss State Park in Emerald Bay.
Can you see the dolphin and the smiling gorilla?  Pretty cool, huh?
See the dolphin under the gorilla's chin?  Cute!

For the record, I did some beading and bought some beads at Bead Etc. in Lake Tahoe.  I finished both sides of the wavy triangle, but still have to sew the pieces together.  More on that later!  

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