Friday, September 30, 2011

Scary Pay Pal Moment

I planned to blog about cleaning my beading studio today, but after paying bills... AAACK...  I discovered my paypal account had been hacked.  That got my juices going.  When I logged onto paypal to look at my history, I was instructed to input my credit card information because they were doing routine updates and my account was selected for an update.  That made me nervous because then I thought someone else (besides paypal) was trying to get my information.  And I couldn't go to my history until I input my info.  I finally figured that since I logged on to paypal and I didn't connect through an email, I was probably safe.  So I took a deep breath and entered by card number then I immediately went to history and discovered that someone bought $500 worth of stuff on my account and had it sent to addresses in Chicago and New York.  I then got a phone number for paypal and talked to a really nice customer service rep, Nathan and he told me they'd already put a stop on my account... which I thought was pretty cool.  Now, passwords are changed, information is updated, hold on my account is removed and I'm good to go.  My advice to others:  Check your paypal account regularly.  I don't usually log on to mine unless I'm making a purchase (which is usually either beads or books).  I wouldn't have discovered this if I hadn't noticed a transaction through my online banking process.  I'm still shaking from this!  I've never been hacked before.  Now for some lunch ( or snack, I really NEED chocolate, now) then on to cleaning up my PIT of a studio.

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