Friday, October 7, 2011

Making Progress

What a week... so sad, Steve Jobs... he changed my life.  I love my intuitive Apple stuff.  Thanks, Steve.  Eternal rest and peace.
On a beady note:  I'm making progress on my beady space.  There are clear surfaces.  I think I may still need to purge some  stuff.  I'm not really liking the book shelves we brought up from the garage.  They have sentimental value because Peter's dad made them.  But he made them for his specific space, they were custom to his house and they are just a tad too high for my space and my taste.
Today Jill (daughter) and I made a trek out to the Container Store... I have the Elfa system in my beady space (love, love, love) and I wanted to a add a shelf or two but they quit making "birch' which is my flavor of shelf.  Bummer!!  So it's a work in progress.
More on that later.
Took away the TV that was in the corner, clear surfaces!

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