Monday, October 10, 2011

New Software or Not?

I use my Macbook at work.  The rest of the office is on Windows machines.  Since Word is the preferred program, I have Word for mac, era 2004.  Now the problem is I want to download Lion, the newest operating system from Apple.  We have an IMac at home with Lion and it's cool.  Problem with Lion is that it can't support such an old version of Word.  I need to update to Word 2011.  That's $149... not a cheap fix.    I checked out downloading it online but chickened out because I'm just not sure.  Need one more day to think about it.
In the mean time, the beads are calling... I'm going to try to bead until I have to go back for a work meeting at 6:30.  Beads... take me away!

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