Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What to do in an All Day Workshop

Yep, ya bead!
I was stuck indoors (it got up to 70 in Portland today!)   The workshop was very good... excellent speaker, nice videos, meaningful connections with colleagues... great!  I've taken beading projects to meetings before but always felt like I took up too much table space.  I have traveling a bead box but it's kind of big, 12"by12".  I was at the Container Store last week and saw these mini jewelry trays.  This one is 7.5" by 8.5"... which is about 7" by 8" of beading space.  We sat four to a table and the tables were SMALL.  I had my beading in front of me, sat in the front row, paid attention to the speaker, participated fully and didn't spill a single bead.  That's cool!  There were lots of knitters in the room and I didn't feel left out because my artsy, craftsy passion was cumbersome or took up too much space.  Not only did I learn what I needed to learn professionally, I also brought this home:
Yep, another triangle.  I made this one without the pattern, too.  I thought I put the pattern in my brief case, but when I went to grab it, nada.  I was pretty sure I could get one side finished without the pattern (from Kate and Dusty) but wasn't confident in the turn for the 3d look.  Surprise...I did it!  Isn't memory great?  Both sides, pattern in my head.  Not having pattern images in front of me and relying on muscle memory gave me some new insights into how this goes together.  Yes, I had to take out the turn a few times... but hey, that's what learning is about.  Very cool!

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