Sunday, October 9, 2011

Right Angle Weave

I made a bracelet using RAW a few years ago.  I'm admittedly out of practice on the stitch.  I recently purchased Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence and I've had trouble getting the tension right on her Beaded Bangle.  The instruction and illustrations are fabulous and I know I'm okay on the beading path, etc.  The beads are two different sizes and I just haven't quite gotten the feel for it.  I know it'll just take some practice.  Here are my first two tries side by side... in the sample on the left, the tension is so tight it looks like Herringbone.  My latest try is on the right and that looks better but it feels pretty loose in my hands when I hold it.  The strip gets attached to an armature (which was fun to make).  When I put the strip around that base, it fits and looks pretty good, so I think I'm on the right track.  But I'll likely take another go at it and try to the beads to line up better.

RAW, not so good on the left, getting better on the right:)
After a very busy Sunday morning and a trip to the country for fresh-squeezed milk, it's so nice to settle down in my super comfy chair in the family room and bead.  Peter's reading and almost falling asleep, we just finished listening to Prairie Home Companion on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) and now... the rest of the day is dedicated to beads and quiet.  Life's pretty good!

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  1. from this vantage point your raw looks excellent! I just give good tug at the end of every unit and don't worry to much about perfect alignment. It is the nature of single needle tha you will have some slant to your beads as one stroke you pull down and the next you pull up. Love the colors.