Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adding Green

I needed a fast project last night and I was paging through the Dec. 2011 Bead and Button Magazine and found "Neptune's Garden" by Carol Horn... and guess what?  The pictured sample was GREEN and PURPLE.  That reminded how much I love GREEN.  My brother used to say GREEN was his favorite color because it was the color of money (back when we were teens and we thought money grew on trees)... I like GREEN because it's a refreshing color and living in Oregon I see plenty of GREEN.  GREEN trees, GREEN hills, GREEN grass, it's everywhere in this GREEN state.  I really notice the GREEN when I've been away from Oregon for a while.  When you've been in Denver or Arizona or Wisconsin or New York for a week or a weekend and return home, you get off the plane and breathe. You really do notice the green, the freshness of the air, the trees, the mountains.  When you have lots of GREEN it means there's plenty o' rain.  But on the sunny, fresh days, there is no where better than Portland.  Some say Portland is a weird place... well, put a bird on it and it's great.

Anyway, as I was saying, GREEN is another fav color.  I'm going to put way more purple in those flowers than what's in the sample... and I'll change it up some.  But I really like the look of diagonal peyote stitch. I also like the PURPLE beads I have on the outside edges. This picture doesn't show it very well... but they are quite pretty.

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