Monday, January 9, 2012

More Purple

Okay, yeah, I'm still rockin' purple... or lavender or amethyst.  These are some earrings I just finished.  Thanks to Marcia DeCoster and her amazing and I mean AMAZING book:  Beaded Opulence.  This pattern is called "Medici Drop".  I think these earrings are sooooo cute and sophisticated.  But the purple thing... see how cool the nail polish is?  Obviously I'm wearing some purple every day.  I may wear these earrings tomorrow, during the day, just because I can.
Do NOT look closely at my cuticles, they need some OIL:)  Just look at the purple!

1 comment:

  1. ah, I've been following your purple and I must say I agree! That and the love of the grand babies....the best! (not looking at the cuticles)