Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Made it Through the Snow

I had a conference in Canon Beach Monday through today.  The roads were pretty snowy heading over the pass.  I didn't drive.  My friend Aimee drove and did a great job... even had to chain up!  The kinda fun part was that we met many colleagues in the chain-up area.  For those of you reading this and wondering why we Western Oregonians chain up in the heavy snow here are a few reasons:  First, when chains are required you better put them on... 2 of my colleagues received tickets ($160) for not chaining up.  Second, the snow is different in Western Oregon.  It snows and melts, and snows... it's really wet and there are few snow plows here.  Third, most people don't have snow tires because a boat load of snow is rare and comes and goes quickly.
Having grown up with snow in Eastern Washington, I KNOW how to drive in the stuff.  That said, the snow I grew up with was colder and drier.
Whew, good to be home... time for wine!
Taken on Monday on my iPhone (from the car.)

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