Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AAAAAaaack! Again? Really?

Can't seem to get on top of this mess!
Here's part 2 of the beady MESS!  I can't seem to quit stringing beads.  I'm a big bead WEAVER at heart but I'm doing a little show in a couple of weeks and as I've said before, the hours it takes to create a woven piece just doesn't pay off for me.  I don't have a following and I guess people can't see the worth in the hours it takes to create cool beaded pieces.  I'm going to put some beaded triangles in the show.  But the quartz necklaces and bronze chain necklaces will sell.... so a-stringing I will go.
That being said... the MESS.... the MESS... the MESS.  It's worse tonight than last night! AAaaCK!  And I'm leaving it until I get this stringing out of my system.  Then I'll move on to making earrings.  So much for me valuing my own space and keeping it neat.  Procrastination.  Why do today what I can put off unil tomorrow?
I did manage to pick up the turkey today.  And the yams for Boubon Yams... yum!
Looking forward to 2 days in a row off!  Yeah for Thanksgiving.

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