Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homeward Bound

What a week!  My dad got pneumonia and went to the hospital.  I drove to Spokane (6 hours) to be a support to my Mom.  He was pretty out of it for a few days but things are looking better for him.  We researched rehab centers and nursing homes (Dad is 86) and found the perfect place.  Close to home, lots of PT and they'll even go up to the house and pick up his favorite recliner to practice getting in and out of.  Hopefully he'll only be there a week or so and then back home.  He should be moved to rehab tomorrow.
I took some pictures with my iPhone on the way back to Portland.  It's so interesting to experience the topography on an East/West drive.  This picture was taken from a gas stop at Biggs Junction, right before the green happens.  There are so many of these windmills along the Columbia River Gorge... they are cool looking but they take a toll on the land.
So glad to be home!  I took some beads with me and in a weak (not really) moment downloaded some awesome geometric patterns from Jean Power... really cool on pay pal because she lives in London, England and pay pal has to convert from pounds to U.S. dollars.  Isn't it amazing that I received patterns from the UK in like 2 minutes.  I heart technology... no, really, I do!  I'll have pictures of some beaded stars soon, I hope.
In the mean time, I'm grateful for doctors and nurses, OTs and PTs, MSWs, and all the folks at Valley General who are taking care of my dad.

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