Sunday, November 13, 2011


We checked out Occupy Portland yesterday.  We are the 99% so we thought we'd check out "our people". The camp was pretty muddy... the grass in the two parks completely destroyed.  It was pretty stinky, too.  The police were wearing surgical masks due to tb and viral pneumonia in the camps.  Yuck!
The protesters have left the parks and are standing off with Portland Police this afternoon.  "Breaking News" for two hours.  Nothing is happening.  People are standing, Police are standing.  That's all.  I had to turn off the TV due to complete boredom.  I want to be fired up over this.  We watched a documentary, "Inside Job", narrated by Matt Damon.  It tells the story of the Wall Street bail out.  The rich getting richer.  The corrupt politicians.  Very good piece.
For now, the news is on hold and I have a need to bead.
While the parks were still occupied...

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