Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm getting ready for a little jewelry sale that my friend Joel is hosting.  I've just got to sell some of the stuff I've accumulated over the years.  This is beautiful hand-beaded jewelry some of which has never been worn.  It's kind of embarrassing to show the pictures of this accumulation.   All the energy and heart that went into each piece... and it just rests on a stand.  I know that earrings sell and they are fast and easy to create.  I also know that hand beaded jewelry isn't appreciated by your basic everyday consumer who can cruise down to Cost Plus World Market and get inexpensive (I want to say cheap) beaded jewelry.  I will be putting some cool stuff in the sale... but it won't be cheap.  Two years ago I received $100 for my cellini spiral bracelets.  I have some more to sell.  I'm also creating some cool necklaces with those triangles!  And of course lots and lots of earrings... because they are fun and fast!
This whole beading thing IS an addiction.  Point being:  I want to make some $$ so that I can buy more beads!!!!
Here are pictures of some of the accumulation... and this is just the bracelets!  One of these days I'll get close up shots of the bracelets that don't sell... they are really very cool!  There are samples from classes I've taught... and most of the stitches I've learned over the years, represented here.

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