Monday, November 21, 2011

Work in Progress

I think the most difficult thing for me (and other crafty, beady types) is to pick up after myself.  When I've finished a project I can let the "leftovers" sit for days.  When will I learn to put things back where I found them?  Maybe this is one of those things we all "learned in kindergarten" and ignore when we grow up.  It just makes too much sense to pick up right after a project.  I get lost in what I'm doing, though and when I'm done, I'm really done.  Sure I'm "high" on my project, but when it's over, I simply walk away and save the mess for another day.  Then I have a couple of hours of clean up saved for another time.  I'm not being fair to ME!  I need an attitude shift on this.  I'm going to start thinking about how much I love to have this cozy beady room neat, with all the doodads in their doodad homes.  Makes sense, huh?  Here's hoping it'll happen.
Beading home of several completed projects.  Pick up after yourself, please!
My goal for the next month is simply this: keep beady space neat.  That'll be difficult due to the fact that I'm a beady MESS... making tons of earrings and beading another very cool triangle.

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